Today Becky talks about Express Service as a way to build growth in your service departments numbers and profits.  This is a big need today as so many of our customers end up going to secondary maintenance facilities for this work.  This is draining much of the customer base that once relied on us for taking care of their vehicles. To quote Author and Marketing Expert Seth Godin:  He said, “There is no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them.”

he independent franchises of express service businesses that dot the landscape did not spread across the country like they are today just by chance. One such operation was started by an insurance salesman and an independent express shop owner who got together in 1988 and opened a business called ‘Express Oil Change’. In 1995 they opened 11 more shops and at the time this research was put together they had 88 corporate stores and 111 franchise locations in various states and towns across America.

Where are they getting all of these customers?  View the video here.