If you’re not always on the lookout for top talent, you’re probably missing quality candidates. While experienced salespeople might be the first on your wish list, there is one demographic that dealerships should not be ignoring: college students.

Providing employment opportunities to college students is a great way to motivate a new generation of employees to consider the auto industry.  Another benefit of recruiting college students is the promise of a job once they graduate.

By putting students in a low-pressure situation where they are allowed to get their feet wet, you create a situation for them to become comfortable in a dealership environment and use their particular skill set to your benefit.

Garnering interest for future employment is not the only perk of hiring a college student on a part-time basis. Students often bring a new sense of enthusiasm and energy into your showroom, and a much-needed change in atmosphere.

No matter your needs, there are plenty of reasons why hiring a college student for the summer is something your dealership should definitely consider.  Read the full article here.

Adam Robinson, DealerMarketing.com