Imagine feeling ill enough to visit the local hospital. Most of us identify the hospital as the one place that has the combination of diagnostic technology, patient history, the knowledge and the skilled clinicians in one location. In order for physicians to accurately diagnose your ailment, they take blood samples and conduct a multitude of tests. As a patient, it would be reasonable to expect to be diagnosed and receive the prescribed treatment. In fact, many would believe that, if this barrage of tests yielded abnormalities in addition to the ailment, the physician would bring them to your attention so that a corrective action could be taken.

I would think the above scenario wouldn’t seem to be unreasonable to most of you. However, think about the reasonable expectation a customer has when they bring their vehicle into your dealership to get serviced, regardless of whether they know something is wrong with the health of their vehicle or not. They expect that it will be efficiently diagnosed and fixed. Yet, every day vehicles with open recalls pass through service drives without being checked, repaired or notifying the customer.  Read full article here.

From, by Chris Miller.