Did you know that 70% of people in the U.S. have a profile on at least one social network? This means that the vast majority of your potential customers is already using such platforms. If you want to connect with them effectively, you’ll need to come up with a social media strategy that represents your dealership in the best possible way.

Know your audience
To come up with the best possible campaign, you should know your audience, as well as some statistics about it.

For example, 75% of car buyers say internet research, including the use of social media, is the most useful source of information when it comes to the selection of a dealership? In fact, buyers rank social profiles as much more important than the websites of dealerships.

Nearly 75% of car buyers say that they’d be willing to travel up to 60 miles in order to visit a dealership that has good online reviews. This number shows a decisiveness in today’s buyer, and a massive trust in the information provided by others. So, what do all of these numbers mean for you? Read full article here.
By Alicia Honeycutt, DealerMarketing.com