The more information consumers have, the better and more informed actions they are able to take

The element of increasing customer engagement is what separates good advertising from great advertising.  One classic example of a successful advertising campaign was conducted in 1960 by French company Renault. Its goal was to sell year-end inventory to make room for the next year’s new models.

The campaign consisted of dealerships making tiny scratches on the cars, covering them with bandages, then running an ad that said, “If you can spot the scratch on any of our Renaults, we’ll give you $500 off.”

Customers, excited to participate in a fun, money-saving activity, responded in record numbers, and the entire inventory sold out on the first day of the sale. Another example of successful customer engagement is Coca-Cola’s famous campaign that used a famous song and invited the world to sing along.

The following are marketing techniques dealers can use to improve their customer engagement.  Read full article here.

From, by Philip Piletic