Adopt Mobile Best Practices to Maximize ROI

A recent analysis of AutoLoop’s 60-million-plus customer database revealed that well over half the emails delivered from our system were opened or clicked via mobile device[1]. Email marketing engagement through smart phones and tablets was even higher among affluent customers who owned premium vehicles.

Device Usage
According to numerous forecasters, the mobile market will grow by at least 15% annually over the next two years, especially as more Millennials enter the automotive market. That means that within a very short time, almost 75% of the interaction with your email marketing could be through a mobile device. Are you preparing for that shift? How does this mobile tipping point impact your email marketing strategy?
Not to worry: AutoLoop’s already got your back. For years, we’ve been designing email marketing with a mobile-first mentality, and we’ve developed some strategic mobile best practices that will lead to higher customer engagement and ROI for you. ¬†Read full article here.

From, by Scott Kane